Project Description

This is a loader for the Microsoft Robotics Studio dsshost.exe assembly allowing simulations to run in a 64bit environment.

Whats the problem?

The Problem is that currently the libraries required by Robotics Studio's simulation engine to render 3-dimensional simulations are compiled in 32bit only format.
This means that when the simulator is running in a 64bit environment it will fail trying to load the 32bit libraries.
You can read more in about it in this forum thread

So whats the solution?

Because of the simulators 32bit dependencies, the only way to run the simulator in a 64bit operating system is to force the simulator to be Just In Time (JIT) compiled to native 32bit instructions.
That is where this loader comes in. The loader is compiled in 32bit only mode, meaning it will force the dsshost to be JIT'd to 32bit instructions.


This same solution also works for any other program that has a 32bit assembly dependency and compiled with its platform set to "Any CPU".... The possibilities are endless!!

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